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The Value Of Oral Fluid Drug Testing In Treatment Programs

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Traditionally, urine collection has been the main, longstanding sample type used for testing a person for drug of abuse. About 10 years ago, oral fluid drug testing started making its way into the scientific community. Since then, these tests have been effectively used in the drug treatment, workplace and criminal justice industries. Oral fluid collection overcomes all of the drawbacks of urine collection and has proven to be just as competent.

Collections can be done anywhere, anytime without having to deal with the embarrassment of urine. With oral fluid collection, the client and administrator/counselor observe the collection together, so the specimen never leaves the donor’s sight alleviating challenges or the counselor’s sight, removing adulteration attempts. Embarrassing shy bladder issues are eliminated. Group sessions can quickly get down to recovery and intervention, and not waiting for people to finish voiding a sample in the restroom.