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EHR technology and services from Qualifacts® simplify the complexities facing behavioral health and human services providers. As a strategic partner, Qualifacts helps customers stay focused  on what is most important – client care – by optimizing efficiency and productivity while keeping them ahead of the accelerating pace of change. 



Scaling the Managed Care Mountain, Pt. 2: Finance's Role in Value-Based Care

Wednesday August 23, 2017 | 1:00 p.m. ET, 12:00 p.m. CT


  • Scaling the Managed Care Mountain, Pt. 3: C-Suite's Role in Value-Based Care

    How do you navigate organizational change in a value-based care environment?

    In moving from fee-for-service to value-based care, C-level executives face a substantive organizational change management opportunity. The types of change they may address include: business processes, staffing models, revenue projections, program mix, and populations served, among other people, process, and technology-related changes.

  • Top 7 Overlooked — But Essential — Marketing Tactics

    With so many different marketing tactics to explore, how do you ensure you're correctly allocating your marketing budget to reach your business goals?

    You may feel that you already have your marketing efforts in order, but speaker Dan Gemp will identify seven tactics that are guaranteed to maximize your spend while accelerating your business growth.

    This webinar will explore internal marketing's impact on external marketing efforts and supply attendees with the digital marketing tactics needed to get their business to the first page of search engine results.

  • Making Security, Staff Safety & Patient Care Coexist

    Threats of violence and attacks on behavioral healthcare staff are all too common and are gaining media attention for their increase in frequency and severity.  With staff safety, patient safety, and patient care all top-of-mind concerns, it begs a serious question, “How should we look at security differently to embrace safety and still maintain a patient-friendly environment?”

    In this webinar, security experts from Metrasens will share thoughts on how security practices, procedures, and technologies can combine to provide the proper balance of safety without disturbance to care.

  • Scaling the Managed Care Mountain, Pt. 2: Finance's Role in Value-Based Care

    How do you create greater financial predictability for your agency in a value-based care environment?

    Billing and finance managers are being asked to manage the financial health of their organizations with less revenue predictability amidst much more complex payment models. In a fee-for-service payment model, the equation was predictable: staff utilization and fixed reimbursement rates drove agency revenue and ultimately, its financial health.

  • Texting in Treatment Settings: How to Ensure You Are HIPAA Compliant

    Texting has become the communication tool of choice for most behavioral healthcare providers, including those working in treatment centers and especially  for marketing and business development representatives. However, standard texting apps are not HIPAA compliant, putting patient information moving through these networks at risk.

  • What Florida's New Law Means for Treatment Centers

    Unscrupulous treatment center business and marketing practices have recently received high-profile attention in Florida. State law makers have responded by passing HB 807, the Practices of Substance Abuse Services Providers law, signed by Gov. Rick Scott and which became effective July 1, 2017.

    Although the law is applicable to Florida providers, treatment operators across the country would be wise to familiarize themselves with the law, as other states are exploring similar legislation.

  • Scaling the Managed Care Mountain, Pt. 1: The Provider's Role in Value-Based Care

    Would you like to create a greater impact in the time you have with your clients?

    In the new healthcare economy, providers are being asked to do more with less, including spending less time with their clients. With as little as 15 minutes to deliver care to each client, every moment is critical, and focus must be on outcomes and interventions.

    So how do you get the most value out of the few minutes you have with your clients?

  • Why Your Documentation is Reducing Your Revenue

    When private insurance payers review medical records, they are looking for the documentation to tell the patient’s story, reveal the complexities of their case and reflect the care the client received.

  • Out-of-Network 101: Learn How to Maximize Reimbursements

    As providers survey the landscape today, there aren’t many opportunities to improve reimbursements rates.  Your in-network contracts are hard to change, and Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements are what they are.

    But out-of-network represents a last, great opportunity for many providers to bring more dollars in the door to improve the bottom-line.

    Join this webinar to hear experts John Bartos and Richa Singh to learn how to find more time to focus on patient care by leveraging out-of-network to increase reimbursements.

  • Better Treatment Through Technology

    The importance of phone calls in the addiction rehabilitation industry can’t be overstated. First and foremost, quick and effective connections between clinics and callers must be established in a way that expedites admissions while protecting the privacy of those seeking treatment. In addition, calls should provide data that helps facilities optimize the performance of marketing, advertising, and customer support.