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EHR technology and services from Qualifacts® simplify the complexities facing behavioral health and human services providers. As a strategic partner, Qualifacts helps customers stay focused  on what is most important – client care – by optimizing efficiency and productivity while keeping them ahead of the accelerating pace of change. 



The Art and Science of Treatment Planning

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  • How to Execute a Solid Marketing Strategy When Your 'Expert' is Overwhelmed

    Don't hire a one trick pony to execute all the complexities of your marketing strategy. With the unfulfilled promises of self proclaimed marketing experts, they can quickly run out of strategies/ideas or become outdated because they only have one point of view. Just like retaining lawyers and insurance agents, learn how an agency can help your business flourish for years down the road. You can benefit from combined expertise, scale and targeted forecasting.

  • Leveraging Enhancements in Technology for Your Healthcare Solution

    Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. New devices, services, and software are constantly being developed and improved to ease your life in various ways. This is no different in the healthcare world. Patient engagement, care coordination, quality compliance, automation, and efficiency are all being aided by the technological achievements made every day.

    Tune into this webinar to find out how you can help usher in a new generation of healthcare by utilizing this technology to improve your practice and care for your patients more effectively.

  • Streamlining Admissions & Revenue Cycle Management

    Treatment centers leave millions of dollars on the table annually due to ineffective front-end business processes. Understanding the challenges that face admissions and revenue cycle management will help organizations avoid costly mistakes, equip teams with the necessary tools and provide greater customer service and increased profits.

    Speakers from VerifyTx surveyed hundreds of treatment centers across the country about their front-end business processes, evaluated which were most effective and determined the best practices.

    Other topics covered include:

  • Why True Integration Requires a Primary Focus on Behavioral Health

    Typically, when healthcare integration is discussed, the focus remains on primary care providers coordinating care.  This session is designed to reset the understanding and redefine integration with a focus on what is best for the client rather than the payment methodology or the provider. Putting the needs of the client at the center of the integration definition will demonstrate the need for behavioral healthcare as the core of comprehensive service versus typical primary care.

  • Out-of-Network: Frequently Asked Questions, Part 2

    Due to popular demand, Collect Rx is offering Part Two of Frequently Asked Questions.

    Out-of-network reimbursements remain a viable option for providers, but many facilities struggle because they are unfamiliar with some of the intricacies required to successfully run an operation with this payment model.  In fact, there are many unanswered questions that could greatly affect being aptly compensated for services they are rightfully delivering.  Join us to learn the answers to frequently asked questions about the out-of-network landscape.

  • The Art and Science of Treatment Planning

    Treatment plans are essential to the delivery of quality and effective care. While there are evidence-based best practices you can incorporate into your treatment plan (the science), it’s also important to leverage your own clinical judgement and experience (the art) and specialize your treatment plan to meet the needs of your individual client.

  • How to Improve Client Outcomes with the DLA-20

    Many organizations report that they provide quality care, but how is that operationalized and reported to the Board of Directors and Community Stakeholders? Provider organizations must be able define and measure the episode of care, demonstrate value through attainment of measurement-based goals and produce outcomes. This webinar will focus on the strategies through the use of the DLA-20 to incorporate the “Golden Thread” and report clinical improvement for those we serve to the Board of Directors, Community Stakeholders and Payers.

  • How Much Is Your Billing Process Costing You?

    Ensuring cash flow and timely reimbursement is essential for any behavioral healthcare organization aiming to not only fulfill its mission but also successfully operate. Unfortunately, these processes are often not optimized, resulting in unnecessary denials, missed billable opportunities, and financial headaches resonating throughout the executive team.

  • Strategies for Integrating Outcomes into Your Clinical Practice

    If you work at a behavioral health and human services organization, you likely collect a wide variety of client data throughout the treatment process. Having the data on hand is fine, but are you actually putting that data to work?

    Simply measuring and monitoring outcomes isn’t enough. By using that information to help inform and optimize your treatment process, your organization can: