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EHR technology and services from Qualifacts® simplify the complexities facing behavioral health and human services providers. As a strategic partner, Qualifacts helps customers stay focused  on what is most important – client care – by optimizing efficiency and productivity while keeping them ahead of the accelerating pace of change. 



Clinical Decision Support: Leveraging Data in Your Clinical Practice

Tuesday, July 31, 2018 | 3:00 p.m. ET, 12:00 p.m. CT


  • Back to the Future: The Evolution of Information Management, Acceptance & Utilization in Behavioral Health & Addiction Treatment

    Evaluate your organization’s readiness for the future of information management and patient engagement. During this webinar, speaker Cory Valentine will describe the historical trends and significance of technology adoption in behavioral health and addiction treatment and what we can learn from the past.  He'll explore how you can apply a culture of complementarity as it relates to information management and utilization to improve outcomes and ensure competitiveness.

  • Behavioral Health and the Patient Collections Challenge

    The ultimate goal of behavioral health is to provide effective, caring treatment that helps patients recover. It’s equally important, however, to focus on patient collections and overall revenue cycle management to ensure you get paid for all the good work you do. But with today’s patients paying higher insurance premiums and struggling with high deductibles, how can you collect what is due while still ensuring satisfaction and a positive financial experience?  And how do you manage bad debt effectively when the No. 1 contributor to bad debt is self-pay patients?

  • Top 10 Tips for Successful Implementation

    This webinar will offer insight on how treatment centers can best implement software for small to midsize facilities with varying degrees of education and computer skills.

    In addition, the presenter Kathy Wynne will discuss the top 10 strategies for a successful roll-out, including why certain approaches work for some and not others. Participants will gain an understanding of the fluid approach that is required to manage multiple projects. Material in the webinar will also provide practical advice on dealing with the different skill sets within a team during implementation.

  • The Avoidable Costs & Risks Associated with Siloed Healthcare

    $25-45 billion: This is the average cost of poor transitions of care when consumers move from hospital settings to other settings.

    $12 billion: These are the avoidable costs of poor transitions of care.

    Not only does the over-utilization of emergency department services for behavioral health or addiction treatment mean higher costs for consumer care, it creates risk of 30-day readmission penalties and further pressures already strained high-value resources.

  • Safe and Sound: How to Improve Security for Behavioral Health Centers

    There is an increasing frequency in news headlines that details stories of violence in both behavioral health clinics and emergency departments.  These Issues include acts that involve weapons such as knives and guns that are brought into a facility and only recognized after the fact.  As such with many incidents, the number of cases is estimated to far exceed the number that are publicly reported.

  • Are You Prepared for Electronic Visit Verification?

    Taking effect January 1, 2019, the 21st Century Cures Act will require states to establish policies for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) of Medicaid-funded home care. To avoid financial penalties, behavioral health and human services providers need to build a strategic roadmap and take measures to ensure successful EVV implementation on time. While financial penalties start at 0.25% in 2019 for Personal Care Services and 2023 for Home Health Services, they increase to 1% after four years.

  • How to Execute a Solid Marketing Strategy When Your 'Expert' is Overwhelmed

    Don't hire a one trick pony to execute all the complexities of your marketing strategy. With the unfulfilled promises of self proclaimed marketing experts, they can quickly run out of strategies/ideas or become outdated because they only have one point of view. Just like retaining lawyers and insurance agents, learn how an agency can help your business flourish for years down the road. You can benefit from combined expertise, scale and targeted forecasting.

  • Leveraging Enhancements in Technology for Your Healthcare Solution

    Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. New devices, services, and software are constantly being developed and improved to ease your life in various ways. This is no different in the healthcare world. Patient engagement, care coordination, quality compliance, automation, and efficiency are all being aided by the technological achievements made every day.

    Tune into this webinar to find out how you can help usher in a new generation of healthcare by utilizing this technology to improve your practice and care for your patients more effectively.