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Behavioral Healthcare Videos

American Addiction Centers Shares Their EMR Journey, and the Updates Powering Clinical Improvements

July 7, 2016     Adam Armstrong

Join Jessica Gagnon, EMR Project Manager with American Addiction Centers, as she shares AAC’s EMR journey.  Listen to Gagnon as she outlines the top benefits AAC noticed from their EMR implementation and partnership with Sigmund Software.  Joining Jessica are Cory Valentine and Matthew Prete of Sigmund Software-- who detail what made the Sigmund Software and AAC partnership successful, and the details behind their new AURA platform release.  

Bridging Access to Care: Implementing a Trauma-Informed EHR

June 10, 2016     Adam Armstrong

Click here and listen to Nadine Akinyemi, Director of Social Support Services at Bringing Access to Care, as she shares how Bridging Access to Care was able to effectively implement a Trauma-Informed EHR.  

Nadine is also joined by Alex P. Alexander, CEO of TenEleven Group, who illustrates how TenEleven's structure has allowed organizations to remain flexible and adapt to incorporate new evidence-based best practices within the clinical workflow at a moment's notice. 

Recovery in the Value-Based Care Era: Illustrating Value to Partners and Families

January 4, 2016     Adam Armstrong

Jonathan Routhier, Chief Financial Officer at WestBridge, sat down with Behavioral Healthcare to discuss WestBridge’s approach in the era of value-based care, the outcomes data collected through the WestBridge Recovery Index program, and how education and collaboration is required for us all to answer the crucial question: How do we improve the health of a population, and do it at a lower cost?

Overcoming the Issues of the Modern Behavioral Health EHR

November 30, 2015     Adam Armstrong

In the value-based care era, organizations are adapting to complex care models such as integrated care, but in many cases technology is the biggest hurdle to success.  In this video, David Lischner, MD, CEO of Valant, defines the top challenges associated with integrated care, the need for a better user experience to improve data quality, and top reasons executives are selecting electronic health record platforms built on a foundation of new technology.

Dramatic Increase in Caseloads Emphasizes Need to Stay Connected to Patients

November 25, 2015     Adam Armstrong

Watch this video as founder and creator of KnKt’d Behavioral Health, Matthew Holland, discusses the impact healthcare reform has had on the behavioral health field, the overwhelming caseload trends, and how the rise of new technologies like KnKt’d Behavioral Health further the mission of providing data-driven healthcare--delivering value to patients who need it most.

EMQ FamiliesFirst Improves Patient Care and Delivery Through EHR Functionality

August 24, 2015     Adam Armstrong

In this video two behavioral health executives with EMQ FamiliesFirst, a large children's mental health agency in California, outline the unique complexities their agency faced, the tools and considerations that addressed these issues, and how through EHR support for cutting-edge features like mobile and patient portals, their agency can dream bigger—empowering their clinical team to provide the high quality care children and families need.

Mind Springs Health and Lookout Mountain Community Services Share Their EHR Implementation Stories

August 11, 2015     Adam Armstrong

Click here, and watch this case study video as two behavioral health executives reveal how their organization’s electronic health record (EHR) implementation teams were formed, the support and guidance they received throughout implementation, and top suggested considerations behavioral health organizations must factor for when considering potential partners.

Two Behavioral Health Providers Transform Care Through EHR Functionality

August 11, 2015     Adam Armstrong

In to this latest video, Krista McClinton, Director of Informatics at Mind Springs Health, and CEO of Lookout Mountain Community Services, Tom Ford, discuss their EHR journey, the challenges their organization faced prior to implementation, and the results from their CareLogic implementations—which dramatically impacted performance across their respective agencies.

Why Providers, Patients, and Families Prefer Joint Commission Accreditation

January 9, 2015     Corinne Tam

The Joint Commission is a nationally recognized symbol of quality that accredits more than 20,500 organizations in the United States, and has been collaborating with behavioral healthcare partners to continually improve the quality of care. Joint Commission connoisseurs Jason Hooper, President of KVC Hospitals, and William McCormick, CEO of Medivance Billing Service, discuss the benefits of becoming accredited through The Joint Commission. Listen in to learn how accreditation raised the bar for children and families within the KVC Hospitals network, and the provider clients of Medivance Billing Service.  

Gosnold on Cape Cod Enriches Communities Through Support, Outreach, and Education

September 5, 2014     Corinne Tam

Listen in as Ray Tamasi, President and CEO of Gosnold on Cape Cod, speaks about his community-centered addiction treatment program and its unique approach to preventing substance abuse in young adults. By emphasizing community engagement, Gosnold's program has worked to improve the lives of many.