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Getting Paid in Behavioral Healthcare - Denver, CO

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Getting Paid in Behavioral Healthcare 
Denver, CO
July 23, 2015



ICD-10. ACA. Parity.

These “new” concerns, as well as ongoing issues regarding third-party reimbursement, occupy much of providers daily responsibilities. “Getting paid” in behavioral healthcare means:

  • getting clients in the door
  • providing reimbursable services
  • ensuring payers remit within a reasonable time frame

Successful organizations are not only finding ways to ensure they have robust finances, they’re also attracting the interest of investors looking to help them grow their operations.

Behavioral Healthcare magazine has organized a panel of experts to discuss relevant issues facing providers of all stripes in mental health, substance use, and eating disorder treatment organizations: residential treatment centers, IOP settings, sober living homes, and private practices, among others.

  • Understand the impact of government regulations on reimbursement
  • Address how marketing practices ultimately affect the bottom line
  • Explore new technological opportunities available to provider organizations


Listen to what our panelists had to say: 
Bill McCormick, of Medivance Billing Inc., discusses reimbursment trends and challanges facing providers today.
Dan Gemp, of Dreamscape Marketing, discusses the importance of optimizing your marketing strategy within the digital space.

Jason Brian, of, offers up his expert perspective on revenue-cycle-management. 


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