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Vermont organization launches youth suicide prevention website

August 1, 2011
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The Center for Health and Learning announces the launch of a new youth-suicide prevention, interactive website. The site is designed to reach Vermont youth, promote help-seeking behavior and build resiliency around the state and the country.

According to Brian Remer, Project Manager for the Vermont Youth Suicide Prevention Project, “The UMatter You Can Get Help website provides information and resources for youth to identify the critical warning signs of depression and suicide, and what to do if a youth or their friend is having suicidal thoughts and information on what to do to get help.

"We want the youth of Vermont to know that, even when they feel the most down or depressed, there are people who need them and would miss them if they were gone- they matter to their family, friends, and community. Young people who have been faced with suicidal thoughts testify that these feelings do pass. Reaching out and getting help is critical”.

The site has three calls to action: 1) "think you need help?" 2) “worried about someone?" and 3) "want to feel better?" These help-seeking actions were field-tested with young people in Vermont through focus groups. The website also offers stories and videos, plus interactive quizzes with feedback. This site is enabled for most platforms, including mobile and smart phone devices.

Anyone who wishes to create a link on their own website to this UMatter resource is welcome and encouraged to do so. You may use the attached UMatter logo graphic for the placement.

The Center for Health and Learning (CHL) is a 501(c)3 organization that works to achieve a vision of “optimal health for all through research-based practice, education and collaboration”. CHL promotes the well-being of children, families, schools and communities by carrying out projects at the crossroads of education and public health.

CHL is the lead organization designated by the Vermont Department of Mental Health in the management of the Vermont Statewide Youth Suicide Prevention Project funded through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) as part of the Garret Lee Smith Memorial Act grant.

For more information on the UMatter You Can Get Help website or the Vermont Youth Suicide Project please contact the Center for Health and Learning at 802-254-6590 or

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