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ValueOptions appoints VP of recovery and wellness

May 8, 2012
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ValueOptions has announced the appointment of Clarence Jordan as Vice President of Recovery and Wellness. In his new role, Jordan will guide ValueOptions' recovery initiatives at a national level.

"ValueOptions is an early adopter and firm believer in the guiding principles of recovery and wellness. We work very hard to infuse these values within all programs and services we deliver to clients, providers and especially the people we serve," states Heyward Donigan, ValueOptions President and Chief Executive Officer. "Clarence is dedicated to these principles and, in his new role, he will ensure that recovery and wellness stays at the forefront of our company's focus."

As a company, ValueOptions follows the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration's (SAMHSA) Guiding Principles for Recovery and carefully selects providers who share those principles. Regular education and trainings for ValueOptions' providers and staff occur to ensure members have access to care that best reflects the tenets of recovery and wellness. ValueOptions designs services that empower members to set aspirations and goals, and they also promote the member's personal responsibility for leveraging care within their community. The company also places a great deal of emphasis on peer and family support services.

Before assuming this role, Jordan worked as ValueOptions' Director of Recovery and Resiliency and was responsible for the development of member and peer mutual support programs and member communications advisory groups. He successfully implemented two self-directed care programs and has worked with the State of Tennessee's physical health partner to conduct annual recovery forums. For the past 12 years, Jordan has served on the State's Mental Health and Substance Abuse Planning Council and as a member of the Consumer Advisory Board where he helped develop the State's Peer Certification Program.

Jordan was awarded SAMHSA's Consumer Leadership Award at the 2010 National Voice Awards. And in 2012, Jordan received an appointment as Special Advisor to the Board of Directors of NISH, one of two national non-profit agencies whose mission is to create employment opportunities for people with significant disabilities.

"The newly adopted definition of recovery and the eight components of wellness have made it clear that individuals with a significant disability like mental illness have a right to safe, affordable housing and a meaningful life in the community of their choice," said Jordan. "ValueOptions is the leader in recovery and wellness because of our committed leadership. We are effectively raising the organizational bar regarding recovery and wellness, which in turn supports our mission to help our members live their lives to the fullest potential."