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Survey encourages those with eating disorders to seek treatment

December 29, 2010
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Edmonds, Wash. — Caring Online, an online resource for eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating, provides a free eating disorder survey, among other self-assessment tools, that helps survey takers determine whether they might have an eating disorder.

The survey consists of 101 questions and value statements about users’ eating habits and feelings toward food as well as their mental and physical health. Survey items include “Are you obsessed or preoccupied with what you are eating and with dieting?” and “I feel I must do things perfectly or not at all.”

Those taking the survey are asked to indicate how often they experience these feelings or engage in these behaviors or to what extent they agree or disagree with these statements.

“The survey is designed to help those who might be suffering from an eating disorder realize that they might have a troubled relationship with food and encourage them to seek the proper treatment,” said Dr. Gregory Jantz, author of the best-selling “Hope, Help and Healing for Eating Disorders” and founder of A Place of Hope, a whole-person treatment center for eating disorders.

After submitting the confidential survey, each user is given a score that indicates the likelihood that an eating disorder is present based on the answers provided in the survey. Users are also given the option to have a representative from A Place of Hope contact them with more information about treatment options.

In addition to the survey, provides a wealth of resources on eating disorders, including a list of symptoms, treatment options, news and studies, as well as recommendations for informative books, videos, magazines and other websites on the subject.