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Sierra Tucson’s Jindrick named president of Southern Arizona Psychological Association

March 5, 2012
by News release
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Holly Jindrick, PsyD, manager of Sierra Tucson’s Psychology Department, has been appointed as president of the Southern Arizona Psychological Association (SAPA). Starting her term on Jan. 1, she will serve as President through the end of the year. A previous Executive Board Member-at-Large, Dr. Jindrick was President Elect in 2011, preparing for her role of President, and in 2013 she will act as Past President, helping to train the future incoming board members.

SAPA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving and supporting the community of psychologists throughout metropolitan Tucson and the surrounding four counties in Southern Arizona. It offers education and advocacy on behalf of the profession of psychology in the community and promotes collaboration and camaraderie between psychologists and student members.

“SAPA reaches out to a wide area in Arizona that includes rural areas,” states Dr. Jindrick. “We set up regular trainings, continuing education workshops and luncheons, and we provide networking to accelerate communication and promote cross referrals. I’m happy to participate in various community activities supported by the association.”

Dr. Jindrick will be speaking at the Special Yom HaShoah Programming at the Tucson Jewish Community Center, on April 15, 2012. This continuing education event, co-sponsored by SAPA, will show the film, “Prisoner of Her Past,” by Howard Reich about his grandmother, a Holocaust survivor who experienced delayed-onset PTSD related to the Holocaust after her husband’s death. As part of a panel discussion, Dr. Jindrick will join Howard Reich and Michael Wm. Marks, Ph.D., ABPP, to discuss delayed-onset PTSD and evidence-based practices in treatment approaches. 

Jindrick manages the Psychology Department of Sierra Tucson, which consists of ten clinical psychologists, two neuropsychologists, and one school psychologist. Extensive, state-of-the-art psychological testing given to patients includes clinical, neuropsychological, educational, and vocational testing. As part of a research team at Sierra Tucson, Dr. Jindrick is helping to establish pre- and post-treatment testing and research to measure patient progress while in treatment.