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Shasta County in California inks contract with Anasazi

January 19, 2012
by News release
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Anasazi Software has announced that Shasta County in California has signed contracts to implement Anasazi’s Client Data, Assessment, Treatment Plan, Scheduling, Managed Care, Cost Accounting and Doctor’s HomePage Systems.

Shasta County, in Redding, Calif., provides both mental health and alcohol and drug services to both children and adults. Their services include counseling, case management, medication, social rehabilitation, as well as urgent care/crisis services for consumers in need.

Shasta County was looking for a strong California partner to provide an enhanced set of features and functionality in an electronic medical record. Strong customer references were critical to their selection, and they found that Anasazi Software customers were voicing high praise for their California product.

“In addition to a strong presence in California, we felt that sharing customizations and enhancements in a strong user group model would be an ideal situation and this was something Anasazi has had in place since the company’s inception over 20 years ago,” said Michael Conti, Shasta County's program manager.

Shasta County also took cost into consideration and realized that the move to Anasazi Software would actually be cheaper for them over five years, than the way they were currently doing business.

“Shasta County is going to fit in great with our ever growing California customer base," added Bryan Griffiths, vice president of sales and marketing for Anasazi. "This user group has swelled to 20 counties in such a short time, which is not only a tribute to our product, but great praise for our customers’ success in implementing new technology to improve treatment.”