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Schema Therapy for personality disorders proven more effective than other major treatments

February 26, 2014
by Dennis Grantham
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Approach focuses on the emotional needs of "the child within" a troubled individual

A large scale randomized control trial, released in the American Journal of Psychiatry shows Schema Therapy to be significantly more effective than two major alternative approaches to the treatment of a broad range of personality disorders (avoidant, obsessive compulsive, dependent, paranoid, histrionic, and narcissistic).

What sets Schema Therapy apart from all the other major treatments for personality disorders, including treatments like Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, is its use of limited reparenting. The technique puts the therapist in touch with the "vulnerable child" within the individual and, by meeting the emotional needs of that child within, enables the "adult" side of the patient to gradually reassume control as it becomes healthy enough to take over for the therapist.  Other therapies, like DBT, focus primarily on the adult-level interactions and ultimately, overlook the child within.

Despite its treatment potential, Schema therapy is little used in the United States, though it is quite popular in Europe.

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