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Qualifacts customer receives $42K in Medicaid incentives

August 9, 2011
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Nashville, Tenn. — Qualifacts Systems Inc., announced that Children’s Crisis Treatment Center (CcTC) is their first customer to receive Medicaid incentive dollars for Meaningful Use of electronic health records. The Philadelphia behavioral health agency for children received incentive payments totaling $42,500 for two of their three Eligible Professionals.

CcTC began registering their Eligible Professionals soon after Pennsylvania’s EHR Incentive program launched on July 6, and a report in Qualifacts’ certified Complete EHR CareLogic Enterprise verified Medicaid patient volume. CcTC plans on registering an additional Eligible Professional to take advantage of the maximum EHR incentives for the agency now that the first two were submitted successfully.

“The process and information can be overwhelming, but we know that the push for electronic health records is just beginning, and for a not-for-profit agency like ours, these funds are a significant revenue boost,” says Dr. Andrea Ettingoff, director of clinical and quality affairs for CcTC. “We’re excited to use the funds toward the continued growth and development of technology initiatives that positively impact client care.”

For behavioral health providers without an EHR, the Meaningful Use incentives are an opportunity to pursue advanced technology.

“While there are a number of direct and indirect costs associated with implementing an EHR,” says David Klements, president and CEO of Qualifacts, “an agency like CcTC with three Eligible Professionals could recoup more than half of their implementation costs with the first year incentive payment.”

Because of the complexity of Meaningful Use, Qualifacts has launched a consulting service to assist behavioral health providers with the process, including:

  • Determining eligibility
  • Walking through the registration and attestation process
  • Analyzing workflows and helping adapt to meet Meaningful Use measures

“There is a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding the Meaningful Use incentives—especially for behavioral health providers,” says Mary Givens, meaningful use program manager for Qualifacts. “But the simple fact is, if your agency employs Eligible Professionals, you likely qualify, and it’s worth it to find out for sure.”

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