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Qualifacts announces plan for 'shared-risk' EHR implementation

February 7, 2012
by Dennis Grantham, Editor-in-Chief
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Qualifacts, which markets a software-as-a-service enterprise EHR called CareLogic in 24 states, today announced that a new program called “Go-Live Assurance” would enable new customers who adopt the system to make no payments until after the system is successfully implemented.

"With our Go-Live Assurance Program, we are attempting to significantly reduce the primary barrier to selecting an enterprise EHR,” says Qualifacts CEO David Klements. “More than 71 percent of behavioral healthcare executives cite unknown costs as a reason for not making the leap to an EHR.” Often, he notes, they are not comfortable with the approach of EHR vendors who say "write us a check and we'll get started."

According to Qualifacts' Kimberly Lexow, the offer means that users pay nothing during a normal implementation process, which includes things like system planning, system configuration, and user training up to the time when the system "goes live." Typically, this process lasts between five and six months.  She added that successful implementation or go-live is defined in specific and concrete terms: "It means that users can work with the system, send out clean claims, and receive funds.”

She said that the company hopes the new program "will help overcome the issues that keep prospects on the fence,” namely, the concern about making a capital investment in a yet-to-be-implemented system and the worry that unforeseen problems and additional costs could arise during the process. The plan is available through June 30, 2012.