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PCH Treatment opens comprehensive assessment clinic

November 29, 2011
by News release
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Los Angeles — Traumatic events can happen to anyone. No one is immune to the potential of needing help. Sometimes it is simply a matter of realizing that we need help and asking for it. The PCH treatment center can be classified as a depression treatment center, anxiety treatment center, OCD treatment center, personality disorder treatment center, and a manic depression treatment center as it has a comprehensive assessment for proper psychological treatment.

Something as simple as depression can devastate you. According to all recent studies, approximately nineteen million Americans will suffer from depression at least once this year, and a staggering over 40 percent of Americans suffer from some sort of mental illness. The dire need in America is for an inner transformation that can help our citizens be sane and happy.

The PCH treatment center is twelve step friendly and is helping pave a better future for America with a more satisfactory approach to mental illness. Their rates are forty percent less than most of their competitors, and much more effective.

Their success is self evident. They had one such case of a female who was raped. She was very jumpy and, understandably, in complete shock. Then she began to have suicidal thoughts. However, after she went through this wonderful depression treatment center, she is now able to retell her story of how she found relief without fear. This is not the only success story they have seen. Many have been able to tell their stories later and recount how they would have been lost without PCH.

It can be essential for those who have received erroneous diagnosis to receive an assessments from PCH. The in depth look into mental health combined with their years of experience allows them to quickly and accurately pin down and correct what might have alluded another center.

Because they use methods that surpass the medicinal approach alone by providing the holistic solution, there is a better chance of recovery and thus it is beneficial for those who have received incomplete or inaccurate diagnosis to receive testing from PCH.