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Norix introduces Protégé Steel dormitory furniture

July 31, 2012
by Shannon Brys
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New bedbug resistant furniture for transitional housing
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A new collection of steel bed bug resistant furniture is now available from Norix Group, a leading provider of institutional furniture. The Norix Protégé Series beds are fabricated completely in steel – the preferred material for dormitories in shelters and transitional housing facilities.  
According to Brad Karl, Norix Project Manager, bed bug infestations are a persistent problem in group home settings because these facilities are difficult to shut down for a chemical eradication procedure. “Bed bugs feast on human blood, and are night feeders.  They are attracted by CO2 emitted by humans, such as a large dorm room of sleeping clients. Because the clients are transient, the problem can migrate from facility to facility, and infestations can re-occur after an eradication procedure.”

Selecting appropriate furniture is a key element in a bed bug avoidance program.  “Management of the nesting environment is critical,” said Karl.  “The furniture is often donated, and traditional residential furniture -- made of wood and upholstery – offers the dark, concealed habitat bed bugs need to thrive.”

Protégé Series beds are all steel construction – easy to clean, treat and re-use.  The steel mesh foundation does not require a box spring, which is often the primary bed bug habitat.  When used with a ComfortShield® inverted seam-mattress, bedbug habitat can be effectively denied.



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