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New eating disorder residential treatment facility opens in Bellevue

September 17, 2012
by Shannon Brys
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Center for Discovery, a leader in eating disorder residential treatment, announced the opening of its latest eating disorder treatment location for women in Bellevue, Washington. The Bellevue location will provide residential treatment for adult women suffering with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and other disordered eating.

“We are pleased to deliver our specialized eating disorder treatment to the Washington area.” said Dr. Craig Brown, CEO of Center for Discovery. “We can provide a level of treatment that has been previously unavailable to this area and we are thrilled with the extensive support we have from the insurance organizations and the professional community throughout Washington and Oregon. I feel that the people of these great states will appreciate the ability to experience our quality care without having to travel outside of the area.”

Center for Discovery Bellevue, which is located in a residential neighborhood in Bellevue, Washington, focuses on treating women with eating disorders as a primary diagnosis and the issues surrounding the eating disorder. After repeated invitations from the professional community in Washington, as well as area insurance and managed care communities, Center for Discovery is opening the Bellevue location to bring their proprietary, family-based treatment of eating disorders into the Bellevue area. Center for Discovery has long been recognized as the leader in the residential treatment of eating disorders in women.

Center for Discovery Bellevue provides individual and family integrated treatment as well as a nutrition program using exposure with response prevention (ERP) and a kitchen skills education and training component that is unique to Center for Discovery. An important part of Center for Discovery treatment is the therapeutic family meal. With the therapeutic family meals, the resident, her family, therapist, and dietician eat periodic meals together while participating in therapy sessions. Center for Discovery provides a high level of practical application skills while providing an optimal environment for each resident to tell her story. The residential treatment experience is further enhanced by the use of “real world” experiences that allow the residents to practice their skills and allow those skills to transfer more easily to the rest of their life.