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New Directions integrates ActiveDocs Opus for document automation

September 16, 2011
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Kansas City —New Directions Behavioral Health, which serves 5.3 million subscribers in Missouri, Arkansas, Florida and Kansas, has replaced its current system for producing notification letters with ActiveDocs Opus document automation software.

New Directions integrated
ActiveDocs Opus with its customized OPTAMUM case management system to make producing notification letters part of existing workflows for tasks such as determining patient benefits.

ActiveDocs Opus compiles letters automatically as users go through the workflows. The system selects from three templates then populates them from content in OPTAMUM and places them in a print queue for approval before they go to subscribers. ActiveDocs Opus' automation replaces a manual system consisting of 90 separate templates.

The number of templates and the variation in legal requirements between states and programs created too many opportunities for errors, according to New Directions Vice President of Technology David Mauer.

"We deal with many different health plans, each with specific regulatory requirements depending on the state where the plan is offered. ActiveDocs gives us the opportunity to customize letters and avoid errors, while reducing the time it takes to produce a letter," Mauer said.

ActiveDocs Opus is document automation and template management software built on Microsoft technology. It facilitates the capture, assembly and delivery of content through a range of document channels, from hard copy, electronically, or in a sophisticated presentation format.

ActiveDocs Opus' integrated Template Design process ensures that documents are accurate, complete, consistent and professionally presented.

"Healthcare is one of the most scrupulously regulated industries. There's no room for error or oversight," said Faine Mende, president of ActiveDocs North America. "Automating the notification letter process for New Directions Behavioral Health will enable them to comply with regulatory requirements while lowering their overhead expenses."