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Netsmart launches Plexus Revenue Cycle Management service

March 6, 2012
by News release
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Netsmart has launched its Plexus Revenue Cycle Management, a comprehensive billing and revenue management service that provides health and human services providers with an efficient, cost-effective solution to manage their financial health and increase the efficiency of their billing and collections processes.

Netsmart Plexus Revenue Cycle Management includes a comprehensive range of services to optimize billing and reimbursement processes, including billing administration and claims management, internal authorizations, external eligibility, and compliance management. Netsmart's trained billing specialists perform daily, weekly and monthly assigned tasks on billing software, allowing providers to realize improved and more predictable cash flow. 

Organizations using Netsmart's Plexus Revenue Cycle Management benefit through improved cash flow, improved claims and reimbursement management, enhanced data reporting and better compliance with state and federal reporting requirements. Outstanding tangible benefits that can be recognized through the service include improved claim collection rates, reduction in the number of days a bill remains in accounts receivable and significantly reduced rate of in-house billing claims rejected on first submission.

"Partnering with Netsmart for billing solutions allows client organizations to focus on what is important to them -- providing the highest level of care to those they serve," said Michael Valentine, chief executive officer, Netsmart. "They are able to save time, deploy staff resources more effectively, increase revenues and reduce expenses. Our industry leadership and knowledge of state billing and reimbursement requirements enables us to provide this service that can enhance business efficiencies and provide an outstanding return on investment."

Netsmart Plexus Revenue Cycle Management is led by Seth Rupp, general manager of the Plexus Shared Services division, which includes a broad set of consulting services to help Netsmart clients operate at peak efficiency and utilize resources most effectively. Rupp joined Netsmart in January 2012 with more than 20 years of proven experience in software development, including healthcare technology revenue cycle and data clearinghouse services.

Rupp previously served as chief technology officer and strategist of TriZetto, a leading software and services provider for health plans and benefit administrators; and chief technology officer and senior vice president of Operations of Passport Health Communications, a leading patient access, revenue cycle and data clearinghouse company.

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