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Narconon of Georgia: Holidays a 'critical time' for addicts

November 30, 2011
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Atlanta, Ga. — Narconon of Georgia, a substance abuse treatment center, published its holiday schedule for students and their parents accompanied with a message about this time of year. Mary Rieser, Executive Director urged that the holiday season, the time between Thanksgivings and New Year’s Day, can be a critical time for addicts and their families making the best place for addicts to be is in alcohol or drug rehab.

Statistics show that there are more DUIs throughout the country during this time of year and surveys indicate that drug abusers often increase their usage during the season. The National Center for Victims of Crime reports that during the Christmas and New Year holiday time, about 40 percent of all traffic fatalities occur in crashes where at least one of the drivers has a BAC (Blood Alcohol Count) level of .08 or more. During the remainder of December, the figure is 28 percent.

Often times, there is a tendency to drink more alcohol while taking drugs such as prescription medications or cocaine. “During the holidays, families are apt to pretend that an addiction problem doesn’t exist, in hopes that the holiday season isn’t spoiled for everyone. There can be a tendency to overlook over- indulgence, which can result in tragic consequences,” says Rieser.

"The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and cheer, but addictions don’t just go away because of the time of year. In fact, abuse can worsen and despite resolutions, the New Year won’t be any different than the last," she adds. "This is one reason that the holidays are the best time for treatment. Another reason is that families can enjoy their holiday, knowing that their loved one is safe. And if Narconon of Georgia is the place of treatment, anyone can join in our festivities. Families can spend time together

Families and friends of those in treatment are invited to the annual Thanksgiving dinner. Narconon of Georgia will provide turkey and stuffing and encourages families to bring their favorite dish. Other events include a holiday decorating party, a tour of local Christmas light shows, a secret Santa party, Christmas dinner and a New Year’s party, celebrating a sober 2012. Families are invited to all events.

“Though it won’t fit under a Christmas tree, families should consider giving the gift of sobriety this season. It is really the gift of life and the hope for many more happy years to come,” says Rieser.

Anyone struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, or who knows someone struggling with addiction this highly stressful time of year is advised to contact Narconon of Georgia immediately at 877-413-3073.