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Miramar expands integrative treatment program

October 13, 2011
by News release
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Miramar Addiction and Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center, a residential addiction and dual diagnosis treatment, has announced the expansion of its ‘integrative’ treatment program.

The medical/detoxification component of the program will be managed by Dr. Val Karimkhani, DO, who is the Chief of Psychiatry at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach. Dr. Karimkhani will be assisted by our nurse, Charlene Manley.

Miramar continues to recognize the importance of addressing and treating the underlying ‘core’ causes of addiction and other mental health and psychiatric issues, not just the surface symptoms.

Nutritional component will continued to be handled by a program dietitian, for all clients who wish to have a dietary analysis and follow up consultations. Spiritual therapy component will be managed by Mack Harris, who specializes in life transitions, personal and spiritual growth, and vision development.

Miramar also will utilize the services of Kate Fennelly, acupuncturist; Usha Delorme, experiential therapy, and other ancillary treatment providers.

The focus on the expanded services and program will continue to be on the 'whole' person, on every level, including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The program intends to resolve the numerous and often complicated underlying issues that commonly cause addictive behavior.

Through this expanded, integrative approach, the unresolved issues, deficiencies, imbalances, and/or other pathologies can be attenuated and mitigated, thus healing addictive behavior.

Miramar Recovery is licensed for on-site detoxification and comprehensive primary care addiction treatment. Miramar has exclusive, gender specific treatment centers in beautiful Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, Calif.