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Mental health experts warn of ‘copycat suicides’

August 14, 2014
by Julie Miller
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Mental health experts fear people contemplating suicide could consider the recently revealed details of the death of Robin Williams and formulate their own, similar plans to end their lives. A Canadian mental health expert warns that public disclosure of the exact method of the suicide not only goes against guidelines but also ignores the Williams family's plea for privacy.

Because Williams was a celebrity, experts believe too much attention to the details of the suicide could essentially glamorize the tragic event.

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A Fox News/ Associated Press article also indicates that the San Francisco area officials who reported the specifics defended their actions, saying they were obligated to reveal the information, even though they would have preferred not to. They said they were following requirements of the California Public Records Act. Meanwhile, the local suicide prevention hotline operator was quoted as saying the contagion effect of the celebrity's suicide is worrisome.

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Mental health condition of a person defines his or her identity; most of the mental patients are suffering from different types of problems such as; suicide tendency, lack of thinking power and many other. We should encourage mental disorder patients and inspire them towards living life instead of suicide tendency.