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Medsphere, Silver Hill collaborate on OpenVista enhancements

February 16, 2012
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The development partnership between Medsphere Systems and Silver Hill Hospital has produced the first built-from-the-ground-up innovation of Medsphere's OpenVista EHR specifically for behavioral health hospitals. Designed in close collaboration with clinicians at Silver Hill, the OpenVista Multidisciplinary Treatment Plan (MDTP) coordinates mental health care across members of the care team and supports patient progress management, eliminating the need to scour and cross-reference a library of paper records.

The new MDTP module enables better, more integrated, patient care through improved access to patient information from a variety of sources.

For individual members of the treatment team, MDTP provides an immediate high-level account of the most pressing and relevant patient care issues. The first integrated treatment planning module built on the OpenVista platform, MDTP fits seamlessly into clinical workflows and enables clinicians and other care team members to plan, coordinate, and document individual components of the care plan and track progress toward overarching goals; MDTP also uses plan update prompts and notifications to support treatment team compliance with regulatory requirements.

These enhancements will become available to Medsphere's other behavioral health customers as a standard OpenVista module in future iterations of the system.

"When delivered effectively, healthcare is a collaborative process in which professionals work toward a common goal that serves the needs of the patient. Medsphere and Silver Hill Hospital have embraced that ethic as a cornerstone of our work together," said Medsphere President and CEO Irv Lichtenwald. "The Multi-disciplinary Treatment Plan is the product of a very successful collaborative process that will, ultimately, benefit patients at Silver Hill and other mental health hospitals. In Silver Hill, we are fortunate to have a genuine partner that is fully engaged in the development process, allowing us to leverage the value of open source. "

With Medsphere's unique subscription-based business and developmental model, the company works closely with individual partner hospitals to develop new functionality and enhancements to OpenVista that are then incorporated into subsequent releases and made available to all customers moving forward at no additional cost. Medsphere also performs quality assurance and system testing of appropriate customer-developed enhancements before folding into later releases of OpenVista.

"In addition to the comparatively low cost of the system, what initially attracted us to Medsphere and OpenVista was the open development process MDTP represents and the fact other psychiatric hospitals can benefit from our work," said Silver Hill President and Medical Director Sigurd Ackerman, MD. "We had regular input throughout the project and shared equally in brainstorming and decision-making. I really think this is how health IT solutions will be developed in the not-too-distant future. We feel like we're on the cutting edge here, certainly for behavioral health if not the broader healthcare industry."

The MDTP module is live at Silver Hill Hospital and will be incorporated into OpenVista releases later in the year. It is the first of several OpenVista development projects to be released this year through the collaborative efforts of Medsphere and the company's hospital partners.