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Jail offers voluntary naltrexone in re-entry program

September 5, 2014
by Julie Miller
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While judges are increasingly sentencing drug- addicted offenders to naltrexone programs, Massachusetts officials say a unique re-entry strategy is the first voluntary program in the country. 

According to Reuters,  recently released data indicates that out of more than 100 inmates in Barnstable County's program over the past two years, only 21 percent have been re-incarcerated, a significant improvement over national averages which reach 70 percent re-arrest rates.

The program also includes ongoing counseling and care management. An initial injection of naltrexone is provided a week before an inmate is released, with Medicaid paying for additional injections over time. Counseling and other services are managed by the Gosnold on Cape Cod treatment center.

Read the source article at reuters.com