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The inside track to thought leadership

August 18, 2014
by Gary Enos, Editor
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We're thrilled to be in America's heartland for the first time for the National Conference on Addiction Disorders (NCAD) and the Behavioral Healthcare Leadership Summit. I promise that those of you who have attended in the past will find this year's conference to be our most interactive experience yet. Our diverse curriculum reflects our daily goal as the editorial team for Addiction Professional and Behavioral Healthcare: equipping you with tools to achieve clinical and business excellence in your organizations.

I'm particularly pleased to be moderating three conference panel sessions where you will have the opportunity to sound off and share your experiences on issues pivotal to patient care and business success. Join us to discuss business ethics in the industry (Saturday afternoon), the treatment professional's role in the marijuana policy debate (Monday morning), and strategies for becoming a tobacco-free program (Tuesday morning).

We arrive in St. Louis as changes in healthcare stand to alter much of what we know about how addiction and mental health treatment and recovery services are delivered. We also are witnessing a public transfixed on media reports about addiction and mental illness, eager to make sense of opioid crises and personal tragedies. But media soundbites aren't solutions. At this conference, take the time to ask more of our presenters, to challenge conventional wisdom, even to confront your own long-held beliefs about what works. Dig a little deeper.

If you're at the conference, download our NCAD mobile app, your ticket to full conference presentations and related information. To download the mobile app, search for “NCAD” in your iPhone or Android app stores. To access it on a desktop computer or a Blackberry, go to The username is the e-mail you used to register for the conference, and the password is ncad2014. For help with the mobile app, visit the Mobile App Help Desk near conference registration.

And if you're not able to join us, be to follow us on Twitter--hashtags #NCADCon and #BHSummit--and on our web page. We'll be posting live coverage.