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Inflexxion partners with FEI Systems

August 29, 2011
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Newton, Mass. — Inflexxion, a company that develops scientifically-based, interactive technologies that help people improve their lives through behavioral change, has announced the integration between its online version of the ASI-MV and FEI Systems’ electronic health record (EHR) system, the Web Infrastructure for Treatment Services (WITS).

The online ASI-MV is the most advanced tool for behavioral health assessment processes. ASI-MV streamlines assessment procedures, expedites treatment planning, simplifies data gathering and analysis of client needs and outcomes, and is now easily accessible from any Internet-connected computer.

“ASI-MV in combination with WITS offers clinicians a fast and efficient way to move data from the intake assessment program to an EHR. The integration of these two systems offers behavioral health care providers a new comprehensive tool that organizes information and saves time, allowing clinicians to focus on client care,” explains Deborah Hillin, Senior Vice President at Buffalo Valley Inc., Hohenwald, Tenn., which has provided affordable alcohol and substance abuse treatment to patients in need for more than 30 years.

The integration between ASI-MV and WITS saves organizations time and allows clinicians to use the time saved to apply their skills and expertise to enhance quality of treatment.

"We're very excited to have the ASI-MV online version integrated into our WITS EHR,” says Chris White, Vice President of Sales for FEI. “This will dramatically decrease the administrative time our shared customers will need to spend operating two separate clinical software programs to treat the same patient.”

Clients self-administer the ASI-MV interview by following audio and video prompts on a computer. When they are finished, clinicians can immediately generate a narrative report, client placement worksheet, and domestic violence risk summary, populated with client-specific data for treatment planning.

The ASI-MV integration with WITS helps providers streamline data collection by eliminating the cost of collecting, cleaning, organizing and analyzing data from multiple sources. ASI-MV is easily accessible from any Internet-connected computer, offers easy implementation and no software installation.

Although originally designed as a substance abuse treatment services data collection and management system, WITS has evolved as an advanced behavioral health EHR system to meet the growing needs of organizations and government agencies.

As an EHR system, WITS has over 40,000 users and manages almost 2 million patient records. With a feature-rich set of tools, WITS is used for case management, treatment planning, billing multiple payers, and managing the workflow for many different social services while protecting patient privacy using a fully HIPAA-compliant software platform.

To learn more about ASI-MV, view a demo at or request a free trial by emailing us at or call 1-800-848-3895 and select option 4.