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Grand Lake Mental Health Center receives EHR Meaningful Use incentive payment

April 25, 2011
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By recently attesting to meaningful use regulations under the ARRA HITECH Act, Grand Lake Mental Health Center (Nowata, OK) has received the first installment of EHR incentive payments under the Medicaid incentive program.
Because GLMHC has three “eligible providers—two psychiatrists and a nurse practitioner—the organization’s first incentive payment totaled $21,250 x 3 = $63,750, since the program pays 1/3 of each eligible provider’s total incentive in the first year. Over the remaining five years of eligibility under the Medicaid segment of the HITECH incentive program, GLMHC can expect to realize payments of $8,500 per provider for a total of $191,250 over the six-year period.

GLMHC is believed to be the first behavioral health organization in Oklahoma, and perhaps the first in the United States, to qualify for this incentive funding, which is designed to promote the use of electronic health records (EHR). GLMHC is a comprehensive mental health organization delivering services at seven locations to adults, children and adolescents. This includes community integration, outpatient treatment, case management, crisis stabilization, coordinated inpatient care, and telemedicine.

GLMHC has been a leader in Oklahoma mental health, implementing progressive financial management and the use of electronic health records. As a result, the organization was positioned to move quickly when EHR incentive funding became available. "A key element of our organization’s ability to quickly capitalize on this opportunity was actually our billing system,” says said Larry Smith, GLMHC’s chief financial officer.

“As a result of the quality data and reporting,” Smith continues, “we were easily able to provide the State with 90 days of financials for the three specified providers. This allowed us to demonstrate the requirement of 30 percent Medicaid services immediately instead of having to wait for an additional 90 days and working to develop a reporting method." Grand Lake utilizes The Echo Group's Clinician's Desktop and Revenue Manager EHR and billing software.

GLMHC has benefitted from the efficiency and clinical impact of using Clinician's Desktop for many years and the organization is excited to be taking advantage of a mechanism to defray their investment and allow them to continue to invest in their electronic health records system. “We anticipate using these funds for continued development toward a fully integrated medical record as we implement the physical health components of the certified EHR,” said Charles Danley, GLMHC Chief Executive Officer.

"Grand Lake Mental Health Center is an extremely well run organization." stated Joe Viger, Vice President of Business Development at The Echo Group. “They consistently score excellent marks on evaluations and pay for performance initiatives in the State of Oklahoma. In addition, they have completed an excellent implementation of Echo's EHR now proven by their reward of meaningful use funds. Staff have repeatedly been speakers at our user conference and share their skills and experiences freely. They are an excellent customer partner and we are excited at their accomplishment!"

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