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GeneSightRx pharmacogenetic tests launched in behavioral health units

October 1, 2010
by Press Release
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Richmond, VA — Diamond Healthcare Corporation and AssureRx Health, Inc. today announced that Diamond has initiated the roll-out of AssureRx Health's GeneSightRx pharmacogenetic test in 10 of its nationwide behavioral health units with broader adoption in its 30-state network scheduled through 2011.

The initial launch involves physicians' use of the GeneSightRx lab-developed test to support the treatment of patients with psychiatric disorders. From a simple cheek swab, the GeneSightRx technology measures and analyzes clinically-important genetic variants that determine how patients' unique genetic make-up affects their ability to tolerate or effectively respond to psychotropic medications. Patient-specific genetic information obtained through GeneSightRx can assist physicians in the process of selecting appropriate antidepressant and antipsychotic medications for individual psychiatric patients.

"GeneSightRx will revolutionize the practice of psychiatry and change the way physicians in our network approach the prescribing of psychiatric medications," said George K. White, president and CEO of Diamond Healthcare Corp. "We plan to offer this state-of-the-art technology to an increasing number of hospitals in our network and differentiate our behavioral health units in the marketplace by improving patient outcomes, while decreasing the cost of patient care."

James S. Burns, president and CEO of AssureRx, added, "The use of GeneSightRx by hospitals and patient clinics in Diamond's network will allow an increasing number of physicians to take advantage of the detailed information from our genetic test in selecting appropriate psychotropic medications for individual psychiatric patients. With its extensive network of hospitals and psychiatrists, Diamond is the right partner for AssureRx to expand the use and knowledge of our personalized medicine product."

Richard L. Shrum, Diamond Healthcare's Executive Vice President, Operations, said, "Getting our patients on the right medications early in their treatment will help us deliver better care at lower costs. We have already implemented GeneSightRx in a number of our sites and expect to accelerate adoption of psychiatric pharmacogenetics in the coming months."