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Free depression screenings help fight "holiday blues"

December 10, 2010
by News release
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Lyndhurst, NJ — The pressure to have the “perfect” holiday often can aggravate anxiety and cause undue stress. To help fight the "holiday blues," Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. (CBHCare) is offering free and anonymous depression screenings for anyone who might need help gauging their emotional well-being.

Participants can take an online mental health self-assessment by visiting and completing a simple online questionnaire. The self-assessment contains a series of questions that, when linked together, help create a picture of how an individual is feeling and whether they could benefit from talking to a health professional.

Feedback is received immediately, as well as the opportunity to schedule an appointment for further evaluation if necessary.

“It’s always a good idea to have realistic expectations during the holidays,” says Doreen Bobby, CBHCare’s Director of Counseling Services. “Things will never be perfect. Instead of focusing on yourself and your to-do list, slow down and focus on the needs of others.”