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DSS launches mental health 'kiosk'

February 17, 2012
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DSS, Inc., has announced a new Mental Health (MH) Kiosk solution that allows behavioral health hospitals to capture clinical information and foundational psychological evaluations directly from patients during check-in.

The MH Kiosk serves as a second phase in DSS' efforts to develop customized EHR software that addresses the distinctive note-taking and interdisciplinary treatment needs of behavioral healthcare providers. This new solution is a complement to the existing DSS Mental Health Suite, an EHR module, which is implemented nationally in all 152 of the Department of Veterans Affairs' Medical Centers and in several large mental health hospital systems.

"We envision an integrated behavioral healthcare system that ensures the utmost in patient safety and personalized care from the moment someone walks in the door," said Mark Byers, president and CEO of DSS. "The MH Kiosk offers patients a private, simplified approach to providing personal information before they see their doctor—a logical next step in our efforts to support integrated behavioral healthcare."

The MH Kiosk provides native and customizable features that were designed specifically to assist patients that have physical hardships, cognitive disabilities and limited literacy -- for an overall improved patient experience. Features include:

  • Touch-screen guidance and audio capabilities, allowing patients to easily complete clinical data "paperwork" upon arrival to an appointment;
  • On-the-spot behavioral self-assessments, offering patients an instant analysis of the data and printed educational materials to review; and
  • Administrative management of the kiosk that gives the controller the ability to select the most appropriate assessments for each patient.

The entire process is electronic, automatically capturing and transferring all collected data to the patient's digital record. The software integrates seamlessly with the VA's VistA/CPRS systems and vxVistA. The information is then available in real-time to providers, helping to guide more personalized exams and discussions.

To learn more about the Mental Health Kiosk and view a demonstration, visit http://dssinc.com/mh_kiosk.html.