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CompCare de Puerto Rico completes build out for provider network

January 11, 2012
by News release
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Comprehensive Care Corporation (CompCare) has announced that CompCare de Puerto Rico (CCPR) has completed its build out of a fully contracted and credentialed specialty behavioral health provider network to better serve its clients and insured Medicare and dual-eligible members across the Island of Puerto Rico.

"CCPR's provider network is the only NCQA behavioral health provider network on the Island and is believed by us to be the largest behavioral health provider network servicing the Medicare population in Puerto Rico," said Clark A. Marcus, CompCare's Chairman and CEO.

"In addition to having the necessary providers and facilities to serve Medicare and dual-eligible members, our network is specifically designed to meet the needs of future commercial insurers as well," Marcus explains.

The new specialty network is comprised of:

  • 422 individual professional providers, including 130 psychiatrists, 249 psychologists, and 43 social workers; and
  • 31 behavioral health facilities, which extends our business relationships with all major hospital systems on the Island, including, among others, San Juan Capestrano System and INSPIRA.

To further round out its network capabilities and maximize access to members, CompCare has also established six company-owned clinics dedicated exclusively to the members of CompCare's clients. The clinics are located in the critical areas of Ceiba, Caguas, Manati, Coamo, Aguadilla and Mayaguez. This model has been proven to result in improved health maintenance for members and decreased use of potentially inappropriate acute care services, such as ER visits and hospitalizations.

"We will continue to grow and refine our network to meet the ongoing needs and increased access to our client's members to ensure the highest quality of behavioral health care, especially for those in underserved, rural areas as well as those suffering from co-morbid or chronic illnesses," said Marcus.

He added: "By having a direct relationship with our own credentialed provider network, CompCare now has more flexibility and greater ability to more quickly implement innovative, creative clinical strategies to better meet the clinical needs of the 'at-risk' populations. We anticipate expanding our at-risk behavioral health, pharmacy and clinic model to our U.S. population throughout 2012."