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Commonwealth Psychology expands Boston BH center

February 28, 2011
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Boston, Mass. — Commonwealth Psychology Associates, LLC (CPA), a private behavioral health center in Boston, has announced the recent expansion of their location in the Financial District of Boston.

Since 2004, the Boston-based center has provided a comprehensive range of behavioral health and psychology services including counseling and therapy, stress management training, health psychology and wellness services, ADHD testing and coaching, educational and support groups, and psychological and neuropsychological testing services.

With over 20 psychologists and psychopharmacologists on staff, CPA offers an extensive range of specialty services to meet the needs of most clients. A full list of services is available by clicking Behavioral Health Services in Boston and Newton.

CPA added its third location in the Financial District of Boston in August 2010, and rapidly filled to capacity by the end of the year. “While we expected the new location downtown to be busy, we have been more than pleasantly surprised by the rapid growth of our client and referral base in the Financial District,” said Dr. Andrea Piatt, founder and CEO of Commonwealth Psychology Associates.

"Our clients, who are primarily professionals who work or live in the area, have expressed appreciation for how convenient this location is – many have been able to obtain their behavioral health services immediately before or after work, or over a lunch break, which has helped them save valuable time in their daily lives.”

A number of physician groups in the area have taken advantage of CPA's newest location.

“Physician groups appreciate being able to refer their patients to a nearby center where they know their patients' behavioral health needs will be met quickly by top notch providers,” said Piatt.

“One of the difficult things for physicians and clients alike is locating one site that offers all of the behavioral health services that might be needed. Often, psychologists and other mental health professionals work alone or in small groups, which limits the range of services available to clients and referring clinicians,” Piatt said.

However, CPA addressed this common problem by offering a breadth and depth of services that often can only be found in large clinics or hospitals.

To handle the surge in demand for high-end psychological and behavioral health services in Boston, CPA recently acquired an additional 2700+ square feet of office space in their 185 Devonshire Street location, bringing their total downtown space to approximately 4200 square feet.

“We have built more offices and have hired additional psychologists to meet the demand for services," Piatt said. "Additionally, our downtown location also will now offer psychopharmacology services, which will add to the broad range of behavioral health services offered at this location."

With this expansion, CPA hopes to be able to continue to accept new clients and referrals from physician groups in the area. “Fortunately," Piatt noted. "we were able to quickly add to our capacity so that we can continue to accept new clients and referrals from area physician groups.”

“After all, we are in the business of helping people and the first step in that process is being able to see new clients quickly, and with our expansion, we will continue to be able to do just that,” she added.