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Behavioral Healthcare - IT Vendor Survey - 2013


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Thank you for taking time to particpate in the 2013 Behavioral Healthcare Information Technology vendor survey. We are seeking information from the developers of Electronic Health Records and related IT products and services developed for and targeted to mental health and/or substance use treatment providers.

If you have any questions while completing this survey, please e-mail or contact Dennis Grantham at 216-373-1204. You may also reference the 2012 IT Vendor Survey at any time.

NOTE: If you completed the 2012 IT Vendor Survey and have no changes in your primary or secondary products or features to report, you may re-use last year’s product-feature responses after completing questions 1-16A, plus the final question, #39. Instructions to complete this shortcut are provided later.


START HERE: The information you provide in the IT Vendor Survey is subject to editing and publication. Below, please provide your personal contact information (name, phone, e-mail) in case we have questions, followed by your company's address information.