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Just how irrational is AA? Reaction to Glaser's article

April 8, 2015  |  Terry L. Stawar, Ed.D. LMHC, LCAC

Glaser attacks Alcoholics Anonymous as an ineffectual, nonscientific, outdated approach to alcohol treatment that has never-the-less managed to dominate the field.

ICD-10 and DSM-5: Our Industry’s Readiness

March 28, 2015  | 

There are many items to consider when prepping for the ICD-10 transition. Read about three of them.

Take the financial sting out of prior authorization

March 17, 2015  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

 The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare has hard data showing the billions providers can save by replacing paper transactions with electronic ones.

South African group leads effort to improve national substance abuse services

March 11, 2015  | 

The South African drug epidemic continues to grow rapidly, fueled by abuse of prescription opioids, novel opium concoctions and heroin. Contributory factors include a very high national unemployment rate and pervasive poverty. Yet, the country continues to...

UPDATE: Facebook unveils suicide prevention reporting tool

March 9, 2015  |  Megan Combs

This new Facebook feature allows friends to report posts that may indicate self harm.

Smartphones top enabler of patient engagement

February 24, 2015  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Younger generations are more likely to use the ubiquitous smartphone to track health and engage in care plans.

Patients prefer texting over mHealth apps for treating mental illness

February 6, 2015  |  Rajiv Leventhal

Texting may be a more suitable treatment aid for those with mental illness than mobile applications, according to new study led by researchers from Clemson University.

5 business deals you should know about

February 3, 2015  | 

Stay informed on what's happening in the industry with these recent business deals that you should know about.

Dominion Diagnostics takes key role in 2015 National Conference on Addiction Disorders

January 12, 2015  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Dominion Diagnostics and Addiction Professional will partner on regional and local events in 2015 that provide valuable networking and educational opportunities.

Setting our bold course for 2015

December 31, 2014  |  Ron Manderscheid

As each of us prepares to celebrate 2015, I hope that we also will reflect upon our unfinished national agendas from 2014 and then set a very bold course for the new year.The eventualities of 2015 will depend upon our willingness to take action.

Twitter posts may shine fresh light on mental illness trends

December 10, 2014  |  John DeGaspari

Analyzing Twitter posts may help measure mental health trends after dramatic events such as natural disasters and military conflicts

ASAM Criteria evolves into electronic tool

December 1, 2014  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Hosted by EHR vendors, the interactive program intelligently leads counselors and their patients through data inputs to arrive at level of care recommendations.


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