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House IMD bill specifies payment for opioid and cocaine patients only

June 21, 2018  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

The House passed a bill on Wednesday that would allow Medicaid to pay for treatment in inpatient facilities with more than 16 beds. However, it still imposes significant limitations.

ASAM designs MAT payment model

April 24, 2018  |  Tom Valentino, Senior Editor

The Patient-Centered Opioid Addiction Treatment alternative payment model would desegregate payments for medical, psychological and social support services for OUD treatment.

7 predictions for an unpredictable new year

December 21, 2017  |  Patrick Gauthier

Politically, economically and legislatively, 2017 was a tumultuous year. Our predictions for the 2018 healthcare market and some practical recommendations for action are described below.

Massachusetts governor unveils $110 million opioid bill

November 27, 2017  |  Tom Valentino, Senior Editor

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has introduced legislation designed to improve addiction treatment standards and allow doctors to commit unwilling patients to 72 hours in a treatment facility.

IMD changes trump emergency declaration

October 26, 2017  |  Tom Valentino, Senior Editor

In addition to declaring the opioid crisis a public health emergency, President Donald Trump on Thursday announced a policy to expedite the waiver process for states requesting an IMD exclusion workaround.

The opioid emergency declaration is not dead

September 18, 2017  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said that the notorious state of emergency declaration is still in play, but remember that practical developments are on hold until federal officials complete the legwork.

Medicaid coverage of MAT drugs varies

August 22, 2017  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

All states have Medicaid plans that are covering some drugs used in medication assisted treatment, according to a draft report from SAMHSA.

Medicaid cuts would stymie expanded use of naloxone

July 26, 2017  |  Tom Valentino, Senior Editor

A study by the Commonwealth Fund finds that overdose reversals have increased with the expanded use of naloxone, funded through Medicaid.

Senate tweaks won’t change big cuts to Medicaid

June 28, 2017  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Behavioral health leaders are pressing forward with their opposition, drawing a detailed picture of what healthcare would look like for individuals with mental health or substance use disorders if the Senate bill is implemented.

Need for buprenorphine demonstrated in Medicaid data

June 7, 2017  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

A new brief from the Urban Institute shows that Medicaid programs nationwide have seen increases in buprenorphine prescriptions since the launch of the Affordable Care Act, but trends are higher in expansion states.

Rumored gutting of ONDCP agenda does not materialize in president's budget plan

May 24, 2017  |  Gary A. Enos, Contributing Editor

Most core functions of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, including oversight of the Drug-Free Communities Support Program, are preserved in President Trump's fiscal 2018 budget proposal.

4 questions we should be asking the White House

May 15, 2017  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

President Trump and HHS Secretary Tom Price have identified three excellent priorities—childhood obesity, mental illness and the opioid epidemic—but their actions seem to be counterproductive. What do you think?


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