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Cigna and ASAM data dive will distill best treatment practices

May 4, 2016  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Rather than yet another study, the Cigna and ASAM research collaboration aims to leverage a trove of detailed claims data to identify the treatment variables that lead to optimal outcomes with lower costs.

Seek out more evidence in evidence based design

April 21, 2016  |  Kevin Turner

We should design spaces based on solid, proven scientific principles so that we know the space will work for the patients it serves.

There’s room for more MAT

April 15, 2016  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

With a medication-based therapy, data on costs, utilization and outcomes is easier to track than, for example, with the more nebulous counseling models.

Researcher uncovers trends in mental health disparities

April 4, 2016  | 

Researcher Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola has uncovered barriers to care, gaps in appropriate treatment services and other trends that speak to the opportunity for the behavioral health provider community to improve care delivery for the underserved.

Rx Summit: Leaders advocate for solutions

March 30, 2016  |  Alison Knopf

Tom Frieden of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Nora D. Volkow of the National Institute on Drug Abuse presented up-to-date information on opioid misuse in the context of today’s healthcare system.

Rx Summit: Fentanyl overdoses outpace heroin

March 30, 2016  |  Alison Knopf

Because fentanyl is so strong—it can kill in minutes—multiple doses of naloxone might be needed in order to reverse an overdose. All too often, users don't even know they've used fentanyl.

Obama underlines a collective approach to addiction

March 29, 2016  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Speaking to stakeholders today, President Obama underscored ongoing federal efforts to address the opioid and heroin crisis. In a panel discussion he also listened to the stories of people in recovery. 

Rx Summit: Collaboration remains the key ingredient

March 29, 2016  |  Alison Knopf

Federal leaders kicked off the 2016 Rx Summit in Atlanta today, noting new efforts as well as recent achievements in addressing the opioid crisis.

NAATP launches comprehensive outcomes study

March 18, 2016  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers has launched its study to track patient outcomes and to create additional protocols for improved care quality.

CDC finalizes opioid guideline

March 16, 2016  |  Gary Enos

When the decision to prescribe opioids for chronic pain is made, the lowest possible effective dosage should be used in order to mitigate risk of dependence and overdose, according to a new CDC guideline.

NatCon16: Improve outcomes with symptom severity measurements

March 8, 2016  |  Julia Brown, Associate Editor

Experts at NatCon 2016 said symptom severity measurements can fine-tune individual treatment, act as a linkage throughout a patient’s entire treatment plan into recovery, and provide important patient data.

Top 5 barriers to telemental health

March 4, 2016  |  Marlene Maheu

Of all the barriers to the expansion of telehealth across disciplines, practitioner reluctance is often considered to be the most pervasive.


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