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Top 6 Post-Event Follow-Up Mistakes

May 12, 2014
by Terry Axelrod
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When following up with your guests after cultivation or fundraising events, be sure to avoid these common mistakes!

  1. Not setting aside specific time in your calendar to do follow-up after every event.
  2. Worrying that you have let too much time lapse since the event, rather than just picking up the phone and getting started.
  3. Having too many different people making the Follow-Up Calls, rather than just one or two staff members or volunteers who will stick with it over time, noting and recording trends and connections.
  4. Having the Follow-Up Call feel like a stiff monologue, rather than a warm, conversational dialog with the guest.
  5. Not recording notes from every call in your database and failing to set a "next-action" date after each call in your team member's calendar to-do list.
  6. Forgetting that the Follow-Up Call is the next step in developing a long-term relationship with a donor, rather than merely a to-do to check off your list!

Terry Axelrod

CEO, Benevon

Terry Axelrod


Terry Axelrod is founder and CEO of Benevon. She has more than thirty years of experience in the...

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