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Messaging the Merger: 5 Inevitable Questions

January 13, 2014
by Terry Axelrod
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As someone who works across all subsectors of the nonprofit world helping groups engage individual donors, it certainly seems to me that the behavioral health sector is experiencing a disproportionately greater share of mergers and acquisitions lately. Whether fueled by funding, retirements, or just strategic realignment, one group after another is either gobbling or being gobbled.

One group I was with recently—a $10M+ multi-county, multi-service behavioral health program—had just been acquired by the bigger behavioral health organization in the main urban area in the region. Sitting in our workshop with the soon-to-be-former leadership team of the smaller organization, they asked our advice about what and how to communicate with their loyal donors and volunteers and to how to attract more of them in the future.

"What do we say about the fact that donor contributions will now be held by a larger organization in a town that seems very far away?" "What should we say to reassure our loyal donors that our day-to-day programs and services will remain focused on the things they have supported in the past?" "How do we let people know that we need their financial support now more than ever?"

Here is a short list of questions I'd strongly encourage you take the time to answer with your leadership team to help you hone your messaging about the merger:



Terry Axelrod

CEO, Benevon

Terry Axelrod


Terry Axelrod is founder and CEO of Benevon. She has more than thirty years of experience in the...

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