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Turning a new page in fundraising

June 14, 2013
by Shannon Brys, Associate Editor
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Thinking of ways to fundraise for an organization can be both fun and frustrating. Is it okay to ask some of the same businesses to donate to our raffle again this year or are we abusing their generosity? Are we repeating the same prizes at our annual benefit dinner each year? Will people be interested in the event we’re holding? Is this event exciting enough to draw in people to raise money for our cause?

Sure, organizations have a whole host of great raffle prizes at these events—spa days, vacations, tickets to sporting events, TVs, other electronics, etc. But, what would really intrigue the attendees?

Recently, I came across an interesting fundraising idea in Hopewell’s summer newsletter. Each year, the treatment center organizes a fundraising event that includes a “Summer Solstice Auction.” The part that caught my attention was one of the items in the auction— an opportunity to be in an upcoming book by Les Roberts. Roberts is the author of 16 Cleveland-based mystery novels and he is currently working on a new book. The winning bidder will receive their name in the book as one of the characters.

Now, that’s new!

What else have you heard about or done at your organizations to raise money in an interesting way? Please share!


Shannon Brys

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