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Fundraising is scary

October 25, 2013
by Shannon Brys, Associate Editor
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As treatment centers are constantly looking for ways to grow their donations in order to better serve those in need, I wanted to share with you something I came across this Halloween season. Project Recovery, an organization that provides safe, alcohol and drug free, residential group homes for recovering addicts/alcoholics in Salt Lake City, is having “spook alley tours” all this weekend to celebrate the Halloween season and raise money for its Project Recovery Scholarship Fund.

I have been to many haunted houses throughout my many Halloween seasons, and I think this is a great idea. This is something that engages the community and also can help raise awareness about the program and about the issues you’re working to solve.

Because Project Recovery had sponsors – InterNet Properties and Turning Point Centers – all of the proceeds that come from ticket sales and donations will be able to go directly to the cause. The tickets for “A Haunt for Healing” are priced reasonably ($5 for children and $10 for adults) compared to most haunted attractions I’ve seen. This will probably help people decide that they would like to go to this haunted attraction over a different one, or possibly just add this one into their schedule, because of the low cost.

Other fundraising activities that tie in with holiday seasons could be haunted hay rides (if your facility has access to a decent amount of land), Easter egg hunts (for children or adults!), and photos with Santa or the Easter bunny (photos could be with children, adults, or animals!).  

Have you tried holiday-themed activities to raise money for your organization? If so, I’d love to hear about it! Email me at, tweet me @ap_bh_sbrys or comment on this post.


Shannon Brys

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