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NH mental health system still in bad shape

March 7, 2012
by Nick Zubko, Associate Editor
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Last year, New Hampshire’s mental health system was called a lot of things, including "broken," "failing," and "in crisis." In response, state officials went on record to defend the system and its commitment to providing comprehensive treatment and community-based services for persons with mental illness. Now that results from the most recent assessment have been made public, it doesn't look like things are getting any better.

According to a story in the Nashua Telegraph, the state’s Community Behavioral Health Association (CBHA) held a forum this week that evaluated the government’s progress in reaching the goals of a 10-year improvement plan first set forth in 2008. The results weren’t great, and neither were the explanations.

“There is not a single [goal] where I can confidently say we have made significant progress,” said Jay Couture, executive director of the Seacoast Mental Health Center. State budget cuts are partly to blame, according to those who spoke on behalf of the state’s mental health system, as well as an overall "lack of coordination."

On Monday, the CBHA released a document that outlined how the recommendations included in the 2008 plan match up against what the state has actually implemented so far. Take a look and give us your take. What do you think is going wrong in New Hampshire? And if the current plan isn't doing the job, what will?


Nick Zubko

Associate Editor

Nick Zubko



Nick Zubko is associate editor of Behavioral Healthcare.

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