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Change is coming in California

December 8, 2011
by Nick Zubko, Associate Editor
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This week, the California Department of Mental Health (DMH) released its plan to establish the Department of State Hospitals (DSH), as well as reform the DMH structure and improve the mental hospital system in California.

The plan calls for streamlining administrative policies, procedures and reporting by staff to increase focus on the provision of care while maintaining full compliance with federal standards.
According to DMH Acting-Director, Cliff Allenby, the changes are long overdue. “Earlier this year, we brought in a team of experts who worked closely with administrative, clinical, and operations staff to develop an action plan to enhance care, increase safety measures, and improve the fiscal management of our state mental hospitals,” Allenby explained. For more information on the changes coming to California's mental health system, click here.


Nick Zubko

Associate Editor

Nick Zubko


Nick Zubko is associate editor of Behavioral Healthcare.

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