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Strategic and critical thinking

March 29, 2010
by Nelson W. Burns
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Ms. Dalia Puskorius (Kent Therapist) sent me a great article entitled “Multicultural Critical Theory. At B-School?” (N.Y. Times, 1/10/10). In brief, the article addresses the importance of Business Schools to teach “critical and strategic thinking” and not just “silo-type” subjects like accounting and marketing. They define critical thinking as the manner “…to imaginatively frame questions and consider multiple perspectives.” This is a wise and thoughtful article for the business schools to consider and embrace.

Strategic and critical thinking in our system is an important process to address. We all understand how many of our behavioral health services are inter-related to each other and (most importantly) to the people we serve. Much can be said about how governments and private organizations are co-dependent on each other’s success. We also need to examine how our different systems (prisons, schools and hospitals) need to more effectively coordinate with each other. Critical thinking is that process by which we observe cross functional operations and try to understand how each are affected by the other. As the article addresses, there are multiple perspectives to examine and to follow in order to understand the relationships.



Cheers pal. I do appreicate the writing.

Nelson W. Burns

Nelson W. Burns

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