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Six organizations develop Ohio EMR Consortium

July 2, 2010
by Nelson W. Burns
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The Ohio EMR Consortium with Qualifacts is close to completing its first phase of membership. What an exciting time for non-profit behavioral health organizations to partner and implement an electronic medical record. These organizations include Coleman, COVA, Integrated Services, The Center for Integrated Psychiatry, Community Solutions and The Main Place.

Close to 200 additional users will be able to access and coordinate electronic health records through a SaaS technology model. My role will be to facilitate the coordination of this consortium under three key user-groups areas; Executive Planning, Clinical and Compliance Review and Finance with Technology.

Coleman Consultation has the tools and experience with the coordination of staff training and project management support. Present leadership will implement a plan to achieve effective coordination with the six non-profit organizations. As we take these important steps, I am going to document this progress and encourage others to comment as we go along. Isn't it time to take action with electronic medical records and quit just reacting to our business environment?


My organization wants to personally view & assess the successful implementation of this SaaS solution before deciding on whether to sign on with the Consotium. In addition, it may pay to postpone implementation if HIT financial support becomes available to BH.

Nelson W. Burns

Nelson W. Burns

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