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Opportunities for social entrepreneurship ... answer the phone.

June 1, 2009
by Nelson W. Burns
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Have you noticed that our economy is becoming less capitalistic and more socialized? And China, becoming less socialized and more capitalistic! In light of what has happened to GM and the federal government bailout look at what has happened in one year’s time. These are just a few insights of a discussion I had with Mr. Mike Wojno of Wojno Development. It was a great conversation with Mike, a true entrepreneur, real estate developer and a connector for community development.

Mike believes that a balance of capitalism and social value can go along way for success as so do I: we call it social entrepreneurship! When many are whining about our present economic condition, the leadership of nonprofits needs to look for opportunities. Where can we fulfill our social mission and make money? We are in the leadership position to creatively find these opportunities. We need to professionally evaluate our business, partner with other winning businesses and find ways to thrive! Are you having fun yet?



I think getting the message out on social media can be part of this. It's relatively low to no cost, and it's a great way to empower interested staff or volunteers in the mission.

Nelson W. Burns

Nelson W. Burns


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