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Ohio EMR Consortium is getting its legs!

May 28, 2010
by Nelson W. Burns
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In conference with Coleman’s EMR partner, Qualifacts, Inc. (www.qualifacts.com), the Ohio EMR consortium is getting its legs. We have eight behavioral health organizations close to joining the partnership by the end of June 2010. I have enjoyed conversations with many of the CEOs in addressing some key issues; they include financial software, vocational services application, and the important philosophy of hardware/software vs. the SaaS model of electronic content management (ECM). Many of you might know SaaS as the “cloud."

Most importantly the discussion of capital investments versus monthly “user fees” plays a major role in any executive deciding on what model to embrace. An organization should be better off in paying for monthly subscription fees rather than the hardware, software, software maintenance, and IT salaries. Understanding that every organization is different, these models can be compared over the realistic time period of when technology will change again.

My vision for Coleman Professional Services (www.coleman-professional.com) is to have an EMR that provides for more effective clinical services for the customers we serve, to attract potential employees on our modern applications. and to be technologically ready for the next advancement of the electronic “health” record: the next wave!


Nelson W. Burns

Nelson W. Burns


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