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Cause-related marketing

December 7, 2009
by Nelson W. Burns
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Coleman Professional Services had a nice “Brunch with Santa” event this past weekend thanks to a wonderful restaurant in town called “The Rusty Nail” ( Ten percent of the proceeds went to Coleman’s children behavioral health services in Portage County in Kent, Ohio. Family members had a great Sunday brunch along with a visit from Santa.

As corporate sponsors become more challenging, I wonder how many nonprofits use “cause-related marketing” as a key strategy. I believe the idea scares-off many fundraisers because they believe cause-related marketing needs to be with large markets or large corporations like Johnson & Johnson. But that is not the case and, more importantly, there are many businesses in our rural or smaller communities that one can develop these important win-win relationships. A furniture owner can establish relationships with a residential service supporting safe and affordable living or possibly a toy store teaming up with a children’s service preventing domestic violence; examples are limitless!

Cause related marketing is an important tool to use in our strategies to better establish our nonprofit brand, achieve donations and gain potential prospects for greater giving. Wishing you the warmest of holidays.


Nelson W. Burns

Nelson W. Burns

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