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Officials find destructive ingredients in Newtown shooter’s life

November 24, 2014
by Julie Miller, Editor in Chief
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On Friday, the Office of the Child Advocate in Connecticut released its findings analyzing the educational and mental health profile of Adam Lanza, who in December 2012, killed 20 children, seven adults and himself in Newtown, Conn. The office emphasized that it cannot specify why 20-year-old Lanza committed the act. Its purpose was to highlight missed opportunities in identification, assessment, education and mental health services that might have made a difference.

What is most telling in the report is that his mother, Nancy, often pulled him out of treatment because he didn’t want to go and apparently she didn’t want to force him, which would stress him out more. The Office of the Child Advocate recommends that more must be done to approach resistant parents like Nancy, who I’m sure want to reduce their child’s anxiety immediately—today, not after a long course of treatment. It must be hard to watch a child become distressed by the treatment that is supposed to help him. But it is clear in the report that Lanza truly needed to be in treatment.

According to the authors, the ingredients that were concerning include:




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Editor in Chief

Julie Miller


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