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Leaders seek avenues to work collaboratively

August 10, 2016
by Julie Miller, Editor in Chief
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Leaders in the addiction treatment industry are making nationwide efforts to work together on solutions to address pain points, such as contracting with managed care, raising awareness of evidence-based treatment and maintaining ethical standards more broadly. The number of new coalitions and collaborations that have popped up just in the past year or so is a sure sign of everyone’s passion to make changes in how addiction treatment is delivered and how it is reimbursed.

Certainly, the resources required to accomplish such big-picture goals are staggering. Joining together can only bring economies of scale.

Consider the newly minted collaborative organizations listed here alphabetically. All of the participants in these organization are wonderful, professional, incredibly knowledgeable people who would probably be delighted to add your voice to their advocacy efforts.


Addiction Treatment Advocacy Coalition

Led by: Stampp Corbin (former CEO, Convalo Health) and Joan Borsten (former CEO, Malibu Beach Recovery Center)

Focus: Political and legal advocacy, generally around parity and reimbursement; emerging in California

Read more here.


Addiction Treatment Marketing Organization

Led by: Ben Cort (manager of business development, CeDAR)

Focus: Ethical marketing, referrals and intakes

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Advocates For Opioid Recovery

Led by: Newt Gingrich (former congressman), Patrick Kennedy (former congressman) and Van Jones (president, Dream Corps)

Focus: Policy advocacy for evidence-based treatment

Read more here.


American Addiction Treatment Association

Led by: Harry Nelson (managing partner, Nelson Hardiman) and Gina Meyers (executive director)

Focus: Legal guidance and advocacy for treatment centers, including state regulations; membership launching later this year

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Coalition for Advocacy, Unity and Standards of Excellence

This group is in the planning stages now but aims to create standards of excellence that will lead to improved insurer reimbursement, while fighting for parity.


Coalition to Stop Opioid Overdose

Led by: 13 addiction advocacy groups and specialty societies, include ASAM, and backed by pharmaceutical manufacturers and other commercial organizations

Focus: Legislative change and federal funding appropriated for the opioid crisis

Read more here.


Independent Coalition of Treatment Providers

Led by: Ken Seeley (interventionist) and Bill McCormick (CEO, Medivance Billing Service)

Focus: Fighting for parity; ethical standards that require members to obtain accreditation and participate in third-party audits; a five-year treatment plan with a reimbursement structure

Read more here.


Insured Consumer Access Network

Led by: Michael C. Barnes (DCBA Law & Policy; Center for Lawful Access and Abuse Deterrence)

Focus: Ethics; provides patient scholarships for out-of-pocket costs, but only for treatment centers that meet ethical standards; donation drive expected later this year

Read more here.


Julie Miller

Editor in Chief

Julie Miller


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