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Thoughts regarding the Healthcare Design Conference 2013

December 7, 2013
by James M. Hunt, AIA
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The Healthcare Design Conference held in Orlando, Florida in November of this year seemed to have a significantly increased behavioral health care emphasis this year over previous years.  This is not based on any “evidence based study,” but merely my observations and the fact that numerous people mentioned that they had noticed the same thing to me as I visited the exhibit hall and attended the sessions.   

The session I presented titled “Behavioral Health Design, Ten things you ‘Know’ that ‘Just Ain’t So” was very well attended.  I talked for about 30 minutes and answered questions for the other 30 minutes of the session. Afterwards, I continued answering questions for another full hour. So either I hadn’t explained myself very well, or there was just a lot of interest in the topic. I prefer to think it was the latter. There was not much active discussion or disagreement of my points, which kind of surprised me, but mostly probing for more detail regarding specific issues.

I am not quite sure what the cause is of the increased attention to behavioral health at this event. Could it be the new attention to parity, behavioral health integration, increased emergency department behavioral health patient activity, or other reasons?

I am interested in your thoughts and ideas about this increase or if you think I was just imagining the whole thing.  Please submit a comment with your thoughts


Jim Hunt

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Jim Hunt

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