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On the Verge of Collapse

March 25, 2008
by Doug Edwards
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MSNBC.com had two stories on its main page this afternoon that spoke of impending doom. One was about a vast Antartic ice shelf splitting away from the continent, a sign of the pace of global warming (Sorry, but there's no angle for behavioral healthcare I can find there :). The other warned about the future of Medicare and Social Security. My friends and I have already given up on the possibility that Social Security will be around when we retire around 2043. Perhaps I shouldn't expect Medicare benefits either. It's tough for seniors today to get by—doubly so for those with mental illnesses. It looks like a scary (and hot!) future for my generation and those of us who will need behavioral healthcare services financed by the federal government.


Doug Edwards

Vice President and Managing Director

Doug Edwards


Doug Edwards is Vice President and Managing Director of Vendome Healthcare Media’s Mental Health...

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