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SAMHSA left out of stimulus

February 26, 2009
by Doug Edwards
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There’s no love for SAMHSA in the new federal stimulus law.

SAMHSA was the only federal agency under the U.S. Public Health Service not specifically listed to receive stimulus funds. Daniel Guarnera, the government relations liaison for
NAATP, describes this unfortunate situation in a
blog posting on
Addiction Professional’s Web site (
Behavioral Healthcare’s sister publication). However, Guarnera told me that SAMHSA is trying to procure some of the funding earmarked for health IT and prevention services (as a lot is left to the discretion of the HHS secretary—whoever that may be!).



At a recent meeting in our state, discussion with a National Council representative addressed an issue that we talked about here a couple of months ago: Is the plan to eventually fold behavioral health into public health? This would give the consumer one-stop shopping would reduce overall costs, and would promote primary care-behavioral health integration. The fact that SAMHSA was left out of the plan could be evidence of such a move. How our worlds would be rocked if this came to pass!

Doug Edwards

Vice President and Managing Director

Doug Edwards

Doug Edwards is Vice President and Managing Director of Vendome Healthcare Media’s Mental Health...

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